Gary Levy has been in digital marketing for 15 years and is fascinated with Google. On the 18th of February, in an ORT Jet webinar, he dived straight into the opportunities it provides when marketing a business online. An overview of how to market your business on Google was covered and all the Google tools available for businesses.

This webinar was for all type of businesses, Gary made it clear that the same principles apply to all.

He started off with the requirements needed to market on Google:

  1. You need to have a website
  2. The google ads framework and tools are free. You do pay for the clicks, but most tools are free.
  3. Once you have a website, install google analytics immediately.

He emphasised the importance of installing Google Analytics into your website from the get go. “It’s crucial because the whole point of marketing yourself is about data. Everything you do on google is measured. It allows you to see what is working and what isn’t” said Gary “The data from google analytics, you will use for SEO and for paid adverts.”

“How much should I be spending for google ads?” was asked. “The way to work it out is set up google analytics, and then set up a pre-determined budget.” said Levy

He further explained Google search results, Google search keywords as well as Google my business.

The audience was well-informed about the difference between organic listing and paid ads. Organic listings takes 3-6 months to get some kind of ranking he said.

On behalf of the ORT Jet Team, we thank him for such an informative session.

Watch the recording: