Group of Business People Holding Placards Forming Customer

Aki Kalliatakis is the founder of the Leadership Launchpad, a business focused on consulting and training in customer loyalty and customer care . His degree in psychology gave him the basis for understanding people issues at work- after working in various HR and Marketing positions in a number of industries and he focuses exclusively on helping clients improve their customer management capabilities and improve overall customer relationships.

We all want our customers to be satisfied, and we are always trying our best to make them happy in every way possible. Aki Kalliatakis a renowned businessman and speaker held an amazing 3 session seminar at the ORT SA Academy on how to make customers happy and what we should be doing in order to achieve this.

“We are living in the age of  the never-satisfied customer”(Tom Peters)

Aki covered Interesting topics that bridge the gap between the never ending unsatisfied customer to making them satisfied in every way. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in one on one participation with Aki and after covering the material they were able to ask relevant customer related questions that pertained to their personal businesses. Aki was able to give them techniques and strategies to take with them to their customers and implement them.

Over the 3 sessions that took place over a 4 week period they came back with information and feedback for Aki. They had implemented his techniques and strategies and found that their customers were responding more favourably than they were before and that sales had in fact gone up.

“The small things you do, the simple things you do make all the difference.” Aki Kalliatakis

“What customers truly value can be difficult to pin down and can be psychologically complicated. This is why it is vitally important to get to know each of your customers values and belief systems and form a long unbreakable relationship with them in order for continued business to take place”, says Aki.

The future of any business is the irreplaceable relationship that one has with its customers.