What more could one want than three brilliant sessions on customer service and sales with Aki Kalliatakis. Aki is known by ORT Jet participants for his ability to inspire and motivate people to deliver excellence in customer service. Every session was engaging as always, and full of his personal insights and knowledge learnt throughout his career.

The business world has certainly, fundamentally changed especially with the speed of communication, cost of communication and interactivity. He emphasised that customers are more opinionated than ever before and are not afraid to take their business elsewhere. There should be no limit to what you can do for your customers.  He further gave great insight into the correct process of the sales cycle.

“The level of the course material met all my needs and all applicable to my work.  I will be able to apply the knowledge and skills gained and Aki knowledge and ability to encourage participants was excellent.  Aki’s enthusiasm is infectious and he makes learning so easy in a great environment” Dunne Edelstein

“The content was practical and is used in my businesses to improve customer service and sales.  A great three part lecture and Aki is engaging and interesting.  All questions were answered and Aki encouraged participants to learn and get involved” David Schewitz

“My most beneficial learning was the part on how to add value to customers.  I will work towards standing out from my competitors and learn to be compassionate and enhance customers experience.  I will also work on how to get more referrals by offering exceptional service.  I really gained a lot of insight about the entrepreneurial industry and can carry through with business dealings as well as life in general” Daphne Matheba