Do you manage change or manage to change?


In light of the great deal of change inflicted upon society this year, ORT Jet continues to offer a range of webinars aimed at helping people navigate through a new reality. ORT Jet Mentor and Master life-coach, Elana Godley has put together what will be a remarkable 3 part series on change management.


Elana Godley has a 30 year plus track record of success in her field locally and internationally. Qualified as an industrial/organisational & counselling psychologist; she works in business as a master coach, organisational and leadership performance consultant as well as change consultant. She is among those who pioneered coaching the very few coaches to claim a track record as a professional, entrepreneur and corporate executive.


We will kick off the first session by asking questions such as what is the difference between managing changes and managing to change? How do businesses and people change? What are the sounds you hear when managing change?

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In the next session, participants will have an understanding of the common change management myths expelled, identify what needs to change and what needs to stay the same and the easy steps to be a master change manager

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To close off the series, there will be case studies and a practical learning session. Practical coaching and mentoring using the skills and processes outlined in previous sessions will be demonstrated.

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