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Criminal syndicates may attempt to induce you to make payments due to our firm into bank accounts that do not belong to us but are instead controlled by these criminals. This type of fraud is typically perpetrated using e-mails or letters that appear to be largely identical to letters or e-mails that may be sent to you by our firm.

Please take proper care in verifying that these e-mails have indeed been transmitted from The Sequestrator, before making any payment to our firm, please ensure that you verify that the account into which payment will be made is indeed our legitimate bank account.

if you are not certain of the correctness of the bank account details, you may contact us and request to speak to the person attending to your matter.

The Sequestrator will assist you in confirming our firm’s correct banking particulars.

If you should receive any communication of this nature, please report it immediately to the person attending to your matter.

Unfortunately The Sequestrator  does not accept responsibility for any incorrect payments that are made into an account that does not belong to us.


Forensic Consultants.

Asset Recovery.


International Tracing.


Tracing for Unclaimed Benefits  for  Pension and Provident Funds.

Debt Collections.

International Collections.

Background Searches.


VIP Protection.

Back Office for Legal Support.

Digital Lab.

Voice Stress Analysis.


Assisting Sheriffs  with Executions.

Covert Security Systems ,CCTV and Live Monitoring Installations.

Corporate/ Commercial fraud Investigations & Forensic Accounting.

International and National Asset Searches.

Liquidation Investigations.

Asset location.

Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance.

Syndicate Infiltration.

Background Searches.

Crime Photography and Photographic Services.

Real time Tracking Services.

Phone number: 082-903-0165

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+27 (11) 882 5555
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