Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

ORT Jet is a critical part of the Jewish support system offering many struggling businesses mentoring, networking and world class training.

ORT Jet has assisted over 100 Businesses this year and has provided them with valuable advice and resources to pivot during a year of uncertainty and change. They have worked with the Gesher Fund by providing a solid soundboard of expert mentors to ensure that the funding provided to the Gesher applicants is utilized in the best way possible. ORT Jet has further offered training webinars that have impacted close to 2 000 participants. There are currently 117 businesses under ORT Jet Mentorship.

As we approach the Jewish New Year, we implore the community to assist us in empowering Jewish businesses. Please support small businesses in order to ensure the financial health and recovery of our community.  Please donate generously to ORT Jet by sending your family and friends an e-card from our website.

We wish you all prosperity and success, may this be a time of reflection and sweet beginnings for all.

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