Amazon reinvented itself by transforming from the original online retail book store to becoming the largest internet retailer in the world! Being the world’s largest provider of cloud infrastructure hasn’t stopped this company from purchasing Whole Foods, a high-end supermarket chain with over 400 stores. It has just launched the first supermarket near its head office quarter in Seattle which is equipped with very advanced technologies that allow one to go in and out the store without physically paying for the products taken! Amazon is an example of a company that keeps itself ‘ahead of the game’ and ahead of disruptive digital forces impacting the economy worldwide.
McKinsey’s report on the pitfalls that companies should watch out for in this constant digital change, alerts us to the magnitude of the digital disruptive impact on businesses. The report proposes that businesses should be first- movers and fast- followers to gain competitive advantage over their opponents. Businesses have to be highly adaptive i.e. to be able to react rapidly to changes in market direction and have a unified approach to implementation.
Leaders need to recognise the challenge and describe their initiative in alignment with the new realities of digital competition head- on as well as to develop a digital strategy that responds.
ORT JET has been impacting the Jewish business environment for more than a decade by fulfilling its mission of facilitating business growth and ensuring financial sustainability. The return of investment far exceeds the small payment that participants make to join ORTJET’s programme. ORT JET has impacted over 800 businesses to date.
ORT JET is aware of the changes the businesses are facing and therefore will continue to offer relevant and pertinent lectures and skills training to the businesses and the community. Stay in touch for our training schedule and join us to ensure you are up to date with current trends affecting the business world.

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Crypto Currency 

Crypto Currency with Josh Miltz, founder of Bitfund, will be taking place on the 14th March at 6:00pm. Stay tuned for more information.